Prisoner of Evil (2005)

GFY Press Presents Prisoner of Evil by Simon Snotface

By Simon Snotface

Welcome to the City of the Gubs

The sickly terrain before the city looked like it belonged to an alien world. It did not look right. It was a barren, blank, evil looking land, devoid of any plant life. The soil, if that's what it was, was cracked open, and peeled in huge discoloured flakes, inspiring a deep despair in Akon. Yellow ribcages and sun bleached grinning skulls lined both sides of the way, and all the while, the horrible smell became stronger.

Do you want to see the sensitive side of Simon Snotface? Well, you won't find it here--in fact, we're not sure that one even exists. This story is full of horrible, nasty creatures doing unspeakably evil and wicked things to each other. There are no good guys here, only hedonistic villains, greedy traitors, and sadistic cutthroats. You'll read between the cracks of your fingers, horrified, yet unable to look away. You'll laugh so hard that your internal organs will rupture and you'll die a hideous, painful death. Go ahead, and buy this book. You know you want to.

ISBN 0-9734312-6-1