I'm On The Guest List (2005)

GFY Press Presents I'm On The Guest List by Chris Walter

By Chris Walter

Truly, the Mentors were visionaries, kings amongst men. Or maybe they were just three drunken slobs who would never get laid if they weren't in a rock band. Regardless, I was enjoying the show thoroughly, and couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. I looked around the bar, and saw at least three separate battles. Chairs flew through the air, bottles smashed, and the animalistic screams of the combatants mingled with the roar from the stage. Now this was entertainment!

This third and final part to the I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk trilogy begins in a Winnipeg jail cell in 1984 and ends twenty years later in Vancouver. This first hand account into the life of a punk is brutally honest, devastatingly funny, and at times, emotionally chilling. There is no peace, love, and anarchy for Mr. Walter, only boots, blood, and massive quantities of liquor and drugs.

ISBN 0-9734312-9-6


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