Destroy Canada (2005)

GFY Press Presents Destroy Canada by Chris Walter

by Stewart Black & Chris Walter

Stewart Black - Spunky Punkette seeks Romance & Adventure

When sixteen-year old Valerie Trumble leaves suburban Etobicoke for the bright lights of Toronto, she soon discovers that there are things much worse than wooden beaver wallpaper or her mother's 'gross' cooking. Fortunately, this is the early eighties, and the punk scene is large and vibrant. Valerie soon finds accommodations at the Terrible House of Sickness, the most notorious punk house in town. Glue-sniffing skinheads, drunken bikers, and hamster-gargling punk rockers are only a few of the things she must learn to live with. Take a trip back in time to the halcyon days of punk, to Queen Street and Kensington Market, where the nights are long and the party never ends.

GFY Press Presents Destroy Canada by Chris Walter

Chris Walter - No Chance Bar & Grill

Hundreds of gig posters covered walls painted flat black, and the focal point of the room was a small stage flanked by towering speaker columns. Barbed wire and junk art lent the place punk ambience, while cleverly arranged Christmas lights flashed subliminal Morse code to unsuspecting customers: Drink More Beer-Drink More Beer-

The No Chance Bar & Grill is a run-down and seedy place, the type of bar where old men go to die. It is a shabby dump with hot and cold running cockroaches and cheap draft on tap. Naturally, the No Chance is home to punk rock in Vancouver, the destination of touring punk bands from all over the world. More than just a bar, the No Chance is a way of life.

But the city is suffering from growing pains, with condominiums popping up at random like warts on a toad. Even the ghetto is not safe from this rapid expansion, and now developers are eyeing the No Chance with interest. Faced with eviction, bartender Mandy and her staff brace themselves for a fight. For these bold soldiers, there is nowhere left to run, nowhere left to hide. This is about more than just another development deal on the wrong side of town; this is a fight between the haves and have-nots, a fight, that despite all odds, Mandy, and the rest of the punks at the No Chance Bar & Grill are determined to win.

ISBN 0-9734312-8-8